Ijumaa Stephenson

This Moment (2019) explores the themes of psychological time, depression, and healing. In the work, each shot, from texture to pacing, is chosen to enliven the lyrics of the music. The piece asks: What is depression in relation to time? The video explores this relationship with the past, through ‘waiting for this moment,’ where the moment is not a point in linear time, but the state of being. The work presents this, breaking the chains of living within the mind, that is the ego.

This concept arose from my practices in Buddhism and meditation, in learning how to be at peace with oneself.

I have an extensive background in visual art and audio. I create videos, paint, podcasts, and music. All my works are intimately connected to my inner nature. I use these mediums to project my authentic self. My aim is to put positivity and change into the world, manifesting abundance and beauty into reality. My intimate connection to the earth, and my subsequent love and care is what drives me in all I create, from art to relationships. 

The biggest driving force for me is creation and evolution. I use my thoughts to create my reality, and I always use my life experiences for personal evolution. I want to convey that the next evolution is near, that our minds will start to abandon religion, and believe in themselves, and the new world order will start. This moment is all we have, time consumes the image, observe the world without time.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl1IQR4btGndpcj-Dg6o3Fw
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ijumaa_photography/

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