Jake Keighran

I have tried creating interactive real space projects, and struggled immensely to create something significant or intriguing. This might sound bad, and at the time I thought it was, though it proved beneficial in shaping my path towards what I know I enjoy.

As my degree continued I narrowed in on video and immersed myself in whatever technology was able. I valued this opportunity greatly as I couldn’t afford equipment like this. I was able to use relatively new and high quality equipment in order to define my craft. 

By the third year of Media Arts I knew that I only wanted to work with video, and I really enjoyed making videos to do with the coast. I’m constantly in the ocean year round be it for fishing boating surfing or diving, I consider it to be a huge part of my life, just like video is becoming to me. Mixing these two passions seemed obvious, and became my path for creation in my last year of study.