Jayson Jarick

To paraphrase Goodfellas (1990); “ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a filmmaker and storyteller.” I have a passion for film and media arts. In other words, I like to tell stories through the use of video and audio in order to have an emotional impact on the audience. I have always been interested in seeing where the medium of film can take us, whether it be emotionally or the possibilities and innovations of the filmming techniques or the use of medium itself.

In my works, I am interested in both reflecting real-world issues and proving a route for escapism for the audience. On one hand, I am drawn to exploring real-world problems that are ignored by the public until it is too late. On the other hand, my desire for escapism comes from wanting to be swept up in a story and not having to worry about the outside world, only the story.

Email- jjjarick@yahoo.com.au

Harley and Me, 2017, HD video, 1 min 18 sec
Class has begun, 2019, HD video, 3min 34sec
Stabbed, 2019, Hd-video, 5min 37sec