Jesse Heslehurst

As someone who is developing his practice in audio-visual media, I constantly find myself drawn to the screen as a subject, whether this may be sociological ideas generated from screen media or problems generated from the ubiquitous screen.

In Why are you watching this (2019), I created a project based on the idea of watching, specifically: why do we watch what we watch? For my graduating work, I research and explored the idea of surveillance through the screen image. I wanted to get my audience to think deeper about how they may be being watched, tracked and monitored on a daily basis. With issues such as that happening in Hong Kong, China, and around the world, problems like this are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s globalised screen-based society. 

Shit on a Plate 2018, Wood, Ceramic, Glass, Plastic, Cloth, dimension variable 
JFFOTD Degradation 2017, HD Video, 3 min
Why are you watching this 2019, HD Video, 24 hours