Kerry Niven

The Last Supper 2030 employs photomontage to critique the hypocrisy of those who can believe in something with no scientific basis, but deny the existence of climate change because they can’t ‘see’ it. This revisioning of Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper takes an iconic biblical image from art history and reimagines it as an apocalyptic scene at the end of human history. In this version, Judas symbolises corporate greed. The environmental destruction caused by the mining and agriculture sectors is indicated in the still life setting: coal replaces food; dirt instead of wine.

The Last Supper 2030, 2019 (detail)
Photomontage, digital archival print 1000 x 1500mm
Still Life with Rats  2017 digital archival print
The Rat Race 2018 digital archival print