Mathew Favaloro

Smoking Gun is a video installation that tells stories through the eyes of domestic abuse victims.

The screens that showcase physical, sexual and financial abuse are big and the sound is played out loud, as these abuses are vulgar and powerful. Whereas psychological abuse is inside the head, and this is presented through a tight space and heard through headphones. The initial screen is a leading screen, which consists of a group of people having a conversation. When the conversation turns into their lives, it triggers the start of their story on their respective screen. All of these stories have similar themes, such as hitting and verbal abuse in varying degrees. The simultaneous screens emphasises the uncomfortable nature that these abuses come with.

We approach this topic in order to bring something that is looked away from by most of society into this gallery space with this multi screen installation. Working as a duo on this task, brought both perspectives together, and made for a richer story. I brought my experience with multiple screens, my interest in filming and the way in which it can be presented to the project.

Smoking GunMike, 2019, HD video, dimensions variable
Smoking Gun – Rhett, 2019, HD video, dimensions variable
Smoking Gun – Susie, 2019, HD video, dimensions variable