Nicholas Montague

My media artworks explore the complex relationship between people, technology, and the environment. I specialise in DSLR and drone filming, and often remove human narration from my artworks to both accentuate its aesthetics and encourage the audience to think about the work critically.

My screen work Surveillance (2019) employs my experience of drone filming to explore the invasive nature of surveillance technologies and their utilisation by the state and organisations.
This graduation project presents a digital dissent against surveillance states,  imagining the ramifications of a surveillance state, and the slippery slope of such technologies if they were to be implemented into Australian society. This message is relayed through filming from the perspective a drone, presented as an AI surveillance machine through filming in non-traditional ways.

YouTube :

Foreign, 2019, HD-video, 4 min 13 sec
Foreign, 2019, HD-video, 4 min 13 sec