Nicola Crampton-Smith

In my work Everyday I have photographed myself against a white neutral background in the studio. I am relaxed and unselfconscious in these images and they are celebratory. I found this experience of photographing myself empowering and therapeutic. The photographs are stitched into using dark thread. Embroidery belongs to the private world of female domesticity, as well as the fine arts and stitching is also therapeutic. The work embraces the uniqueness of the female body and celebrates female culture as a collective experience. I am interested by the work of Jenny Saville and Orly Cogan whose works have influenced me.

Everyday, 2019 Embroidered inkjet print on resin coated inkjet paper Dimensions variable
Holes, 2018 Merino wool and natural dye Dimensions variable
Welcome to my life, 2018 Laminated inkjet print on photocopy paper 99cm x 109.1cm