Noah Anderson

Through my exploration in media arts, I have developed an understanding and appreciation for the way artistic media can express ideas, concepts and themes. I have found myself engaging within the political and societal spectrum repetitively and in doing so, choose to find ways to express opinion and disposition through storytelling. I tend to engage with installation-style work, working with materials of both a subjective and an objective nature to help with intent, provocation and reflection. 

In my graduating piece, I explore a societal taboo of people experiencing homelessness. This installation allows the audience a window into an issue usually so far removed from their experience. I explore art and media’s capacity to offer a voice to people experiencing homelessness. Through speaking with some of the people and supporting organisations, I wish to convey their stories from their perspective. I wish to open up a level of communication and revelation and in doing so enlighten the audience as to the realities and misconceptions of people experiencing homelessness.


A Contemporary Tokyo, 2019, photography print, dimension variable
A Day In The Life Of, 2019, still life, dimension variable
Quite Rad, 2017, digital portfolio, dimensions variable