Olivia French

I have an enduring interest in screen media practice with a particular focus on documentary filmmaking. Through growing my portfolios of media artworks, I have developed my skills in storytelling in my documentary works.

In my graduating piece, Gerry, I explore the day-to-day life of my grandfather – a retired 87-year-old. Gerry is a widower and lives in Mollymook. He says, ‘your life doesn’t end when your wife dies’, and this work explores what this means in practical terms. How would one build a new life, in a new place, and make new connections?

The piece explores a stage of life when one phase ends and another begins, juxtaposing memories, with the present, and imaginings of a future. Through this work, I hope to immerse the audience in the story where they connect with the characters on screen.

Train Club 2018, HD-video, 3 min