Phillip Muzzall

My multimedia works marry analogue and digital forms and techniques in the style of experimental glitch art. In my graduating piece Better Out Than In, I add the dimension of interactivity to allow users to access the content in different ways, developing new ways of communication.

In the past few years, I have been documenting the live music scene in Wollongong and Sydney and Better Out Than In features photos from works spanning 2017 to 2019. Better Out Than In began as a journey of rediscovering processed negatives that weren’t scanned, photographs that were unused and forgotten. On concluding that they’re better out in public than kept in my archive folder, the work eliminates the arduous anxiety-filled curation process that social media imposes on me, and allows me the opportunity to spasmodically experiment the image forms.


Better Out Than In, 2019,
Post-Photographic, Augmented Reality and Zine