Rowan McDonald

As a performing artist, I am in constant conversation with what has come before to create something new. The notion of the ‘shadow-self’ dates to Homer’s Odyssey, and is carried across theatre, poetry, and cinema ever since. The ‘shadow-self’ is what I aim to engage with in this installation.

Using semi-opaque white plastic as projection surfaces for digitally processed light and shadows captured through closed-circuit cameras and projectors set up, CYCOPS plays on how the myrid of unpredictable light patterns generated from cyclic live-feedback loops. Still images taken of this system at different points are re-projected back across the screen forming further feedback loops. 

By introducing the most basic elements of cinema: light and shadow, in an infinite dialogic loop, then slowing down the fluctuation of images to still frames, I aim to create a real-time process where projected light is ‘in dialogue’ with itself (by way of digital feedback) and generates new meaning and experience for the spectator.