Rumeysa Ceylan

When working on video projects, what I enjoy most is bringing an idea to life. I love learning how I can produce media works from concept ideation to execution. In my graduating piece Let them be free (2019), I explore a political situation that is close to my heart.

The current regime in Turkey has affected myself, my family members and the Turkish community living in Australia.  In Let them be free, I intend for the audience to see what the mainstream media has so far failed to cover: the Turkish people being imprisoned with no legitimate evidence. Over 700 children in Turkey are forced to grow up in prisons with their mothers in appalling conditions.

 In revealing this abhorrent suffering through the medium of animation, my intention to raise awareness of this issue.  The contrast between the dolls and the harsh reality makes apparent how the Turkish government is destroying the future generation of their own nation by violating human rights.

Mesmerised, 2018, 16 mm film, 1:00 min
Mesmerised Once Again, digital projection & installation, dimension variable
Where I’m From, HD-video, 1:00 min