Sacha Clough

Sacha Clough is always striving to learn new ways of being creative. She embraces new mediums working in both design and creative arts and is always looking to experiment and further her knowledge in both the Arts and Social issues such as Mental Health, Sacha’s Passion is evident in her design’s. She focuses on illustration and Typography to visually communicate positive messages and educate her audience with self help messages. Sacha has designed a way to express the tools that she uses to battle her own struggle with mental illness and opens a door for those who have suffered, or are suffering, to reach out and finally have a chance to talk about their experience and share tools to recovery and support.

Sacha’s major design project is titled Soul Food and is a box set of cards that both inspire and educate the viewer in natural remedies for Anxiety, Depression and Physical injury. Her goal is to provide the viewer with a functional tool while allowing them to experience an act of discovery. Unashamed Sacha candidly shares illustrations, Quotes and tools that have saved her life.