Sandra Bouma

My practice in media arts has developed through the exploration of sound and image. From explorations of space and coding, to the repurposing of found footage.

The work Australia Presents (2019) explores and extends the idea of discarded images and the layering of lost meaning. The film plays and jumps, making the viewer sense the displacement the film feels and the loss of control that the indigenous population had over their future. Then the image settles into a pattern only to jerk away again. The skip and jump of light, results in a rhythmic image that at times show a glimpse of events in New Guinea that then fade into abstract forms that play along the floor.

These explorations will be extended in my graduating project where film that has been stripped of its original meaning is reimagined by adding images and sound to give a new voice to events that have been forgotten and sanitised.

Coffee, 2017, flour, electrical tape, dimensions variable.
Many Paths, 2018 Film, found 16mm footage, tape, 2 mins 20 sec
Australia Presents 2019, altered 16mm footage, tape, sound and pattern board, 4mins 42 secs