Travis Matterson-Blogg

I really enjoy creating. This started with photography and the ability to change images into how I personally view them. This soon changed into video, where I can make my own reality. I then take this further into installation art. The growth of ‘crazy ideas’ in my media artworks eventually led to Auto-Destructive Art (2018), which destroys the original artwork each time the work is viewed.

In my graduating piece Gambling History (2019), I combine my video production skills with an experimental form of documentary making, to create an interactive installation. I employ rapid cutting between three recorded interviews to tell a story of “gambling history” through both seemless and dissociative editing.

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394,589,775 Posts: It’s All Fake, 2019, installation and film, wooden plinth with a porcelain sink that had a trigger attached with an LED, dimension variable
Life, 2017, Video, 1:01 min
Party Popper, 2018, installation, wooden frame with gear head motor, light sensor and balloons, dimension variable