Head of School Address

Osmosis: the flow of water from one entity to another across a semipermeable membrane.

Osmosis provides an apt metaphor for learning in the creative arts, in which technological forms and modes of experience are constantly in flux as images, sounds, codes, models, formats, and platforms endlessly flow back and forth into one another. There are no singular, discrete mediums anymore, only the unpredictable general space of media.

This year’s exhibition highlights how our graduates work creatively in this fluid space, with its intersections and play of associations between different disciplines – media arts, graphic design, and visual arts. We are proud that our graduates can navigate the permeable relations between disciplines and media – and actively pursue their combination and recombination.

We are confident that this will translate into success in the wider world, enabling our graduating students to develop flexible and varied careers that are a manifestation of ‘media osmosis’.  We wish all our graduates the very best in this endeavour, confident they know that there is no natural solute determining success in the creative industries and creative arts. Just as within their university studies, and within the context of the wonderful work shown here, the key requirements are not some ‘magic salt’, but creative curiosity and dedicated care, thought and effort.

Congratulations to the graduates of 2019 – and to all those friends and family that have supported them through their studies. We look forward to staying in contact and hearing how your careers and creative lives progress.

Associate Professor Brogan Bunt

Head of School of The Arts, English and Media
Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts,
University of Wollongong