Special Thanks

An event and exhibition such as this is not possible without countless hours of organising and fundraising by an amazing team of individuals!

Firstly, a huge thank you to generous local businesses and students for their sponsorship and support of our Graduation Show with donations and creative work.

A heartfelt thank you goes out firstly to student coordinators Imogene Carter and Carla Prospero for coordinating an amazing Graduation Show event. Particular thanks to staff coordinators; Agnieszka Golda, Boni Cairncross, with assistance from Sally Evans, Jacky Redgate, Jo Durtnell-Smydzuk, Stacy Sims, Jo Law, Aaron Burton, Wes Wickam, and Gregor Cullen. We are grateful for your ongoing support, organisation and dedication.

We would like to thank our Graduate Show committee for their commitment and dedication while working on their own personal submissions for Osmosis. We are grateful for all the time you have volunteered throughout the year to prepare for the exhibition and without your efforts this exhibition would not have been possible.

We would like to thank our brilliant fundraising and events team for assisting in raising funds for our exhibition. The art auction earlier this year was an amazing event headed by students Tina Pitsiavas and Nicola Crampton-Smith, and staff Jacky Redgate. Extended thanks to all those who donated their works to the cause.

A huge thank you to our Graphic Design students for their work branding and developing the visual language for this year’s exhibition. A special thank you to Harriet Adams for all her work on the identity and collateral. Thanks extended especially to Jane Heriot for her assistance with this, and to Riley Durston and Isabelle Ford for their work on signage. Thanks to Kiara Robinson for her work on our social media channels, and to Lizzy Snow and  Jo Law for setting up this year’s online catalogue.

We acknowledge our Head of School, Associate Professor Brogan Bunt, and thank all the lecturers and technical officers for their hard work, expertise and guidance.

We would like to extend our gratitude and give thanks to our families and friends for their support and patience through this journey. Finally, we thank the Digital Media, Graphic Design and Visual Art students for creating such beautiful work for this year’s show.

Graduate Show Committee

Student coordinators: Imogene Carter and Carla Prospero

Treasurer: Sharyn East

Graphic Design coordinator: Harriet Adams and Michelle Huntington
Team: Kiara Robison, Riley Durston, Isabelle Ford, Jane Heirot, Lizzy Snow, Tania Gabis, Miranda Tom and Melissa Watt.

Media Arts Coordinator: Reid Tucker
Team: Liam Porrett

Visual Arts Coordinator: Rachel Macklin

Fundraising and sponsorship coordinator: Imogene Carter and Carla Prospero
Team: Emma Moser, Evan Anderson, Nyssa Snoek

Social Media Coordinator: Kiara Robinson
Team: Michelle Huntington

Marketing Coordinator: Emma Moser

Online Catalogue Coordinator: Lizzy Snow
Profile entry team: Liam Porret, Harry Rainnie, Jarra Vremen-Naughton, Emma Whitelock and Elise Woodbury

Portrait and Event Photography: Sharyn East
Team: Carla Prospero, Tina Pitsiavas and Evan Anderson

Art Auction Coordinator: Nicola Crampton-Smith and Tina Pitsiavas
Team: Carla Prospero, Michelle Huntington, Tania Gabis, Rachel Macklin, Francesca Cooper, Emma Moser

Visual Arts and Graphic Design Opening Night

Food and drink: Nyssa Snoek, Evan Anderson, Emma Moser and Carla Prospero
Exhibition space preparation: Emma Moser and Rachel Macklin