Emma Collins

Dissent is an embroidery series which denounces the current conservative media monopoly in Australia. Popular newspapers like ‘The Daily Telegraph’, ‘The Advertiser’, and ‘The Australian’ continuously represent conservative interests, often including themes of nationalism, xenophobia and racism. Dissent parodies popular Australian newspapers, promoting issues and headlines which have been overlooked in widespread media. Through the parody of newspapers, the audience are able to reflect on the current state of Australian media, while also reconsidering their own political ideologies. Artists whose work are of interest to me include: Melissa Zexter’s embroidery works on photographs and Rirkrit Tiravanija’s social-engaged conceptual works.

Dissent, 2019 Cotton fabric, embroidery thread Dimensions variable
Reclaimed, 2019 Organza silk, dressmaker pins 44cm x 105cm
Revenant, 2018 Inkjet print Dimensions variable